馬蹄鐵在Old School刺青裡代表幸運,發想來自於一段諺語:「沒有釘子,就沒有好的馬蹄鐵;沒有好的馬蹄鐵,就沒有好的馬;沒有好的馬,就不能送信;信收不到,戰爭就會因此失敗」與標語Ah, Details.相互呼應,象徵品牌精神-


"Ah, Details.
I'm glad to see you're a man
who understands details,
Mr. Dandy."

  Retrodandy, called R.D, represents being in a “dandy style” as carnation of “retro” perspective, which symbolizes our fine craftsmanship and delicate texture. Another look to “dandy” is a classic endorsement of a spending spree way during the 50’s & 60’s where stylish avant-garde celebrities hanging around with hot chicks by steering the vintages with both their browny forearms full of tattoos fulfil our fancy recuerdos. Such whisky smiles, undoubtedly, arouse our longing for retro-ancient charisma from deep in our hearts.

  Traced back to old school tattoo language, horseshoes are associated with good fortune to which an old folktale derives: “No nails, no good horseshoes, then there’s no good horse; without good horses, post never posts, which is the very culprit for bloody war.” The image echoes itself with a slogan: “Ah, Details.”, which emphasizes the spirit of our products -